Echo / Echo Bridge

Echo 36

Large capacity storage server designed to be expanded using blocks of RAID 6 protected disk sets with SAS 6Gb connectivity. Expansion can be carried out dynamically up to 6.14 petabytes (PB) with data in place for negligible downtime in busy production environments.
GB Labs’ Echo 36 nearline systems have the scale and performance to allow users to browse and retrieve high resolution video files and media projects, to be re-edited, re-purposed or played out to air. Because of its speed, this nearline storage helps manage tier 1 platforms by quickly offloading completed projects onto lower cost and more energy efficient archive storage, ready to be restored effortlessly back to online storage.

Echo Bridge

For many organizations, Fibre Channel and SAS storage installations have outlived their usefulness as Tier 1 platforms, lacking essential performance and scalability. GB Labs’ Echo Bridge enables technicians to re-purpose existing shared storage for use as a nearline platform and benefit from the full feature-set of Echo.

Many users are now migrating to GB Labs' network attached storage for its speed of installation, ease of use and sheer performance. Owners of SAN systems can attach their existing fibre-connected storage system to Space networks with the Bridge unit. This instantly enables users to enter the GB Labs environment, and share data with users with no need for client updates, specialist adapters, drivers or licences. It also enables administrators to transfer data swiftly and - if required - automatically, with all Space network storage devices, with no need for a control PC.