Aspera FASPStream

Fast, secure live and near-live streaming

Send and receive any “byte” data using the high-speed Aspera FASPStream.


Quality Video Delivery

  • Glitch-free play out with negligible start up delay at “any” Internet distance

  • Less than 2 seconds of delay from live for 50 Mbps video sources over global Internet networks with round-trip delays of 200 milliseconds and 2% packet loss and for 10 Mbps sources over networks with 500 milliseconds round trip delay and 5% packet loss.


  • Transport any live video source available on local multicast, unicast UDP, unicast TCP, or growing le source and will output video to the same options.

  • Provides a uniform lossless, in-order byte stream transport that equally supports constant bit rate and adaptive bit rate formats with performance independent of video encoding details

    Reliability and Multi-endpoint capability

  • One stream source can be sent to multiple destinations concurrently and provides built-in path redundancy

  • FASPStream server hosts are natively clustered; stream sessions failover automatically to another host

  • Aspera management services automatically reconnect and restart failed streams on network outage


  • All FASPStreams are encrypted in transit and security authenticated using standard public/private key authentication or Aspera’s multi-tenant access key system

  • Built in access control policies can
    be used to restrict stream providers and consumers by stream protocol, IP address, and ports.

    Interoperability and Management

    • FASPStream sessions are designed for full interoperability with the Aspera le transfer stack including writing to cloud based “object” storage.

    • RESTful APIs allow production work ow and broadcast management systems to manage streams and provide status

    • Stream sources can include cloud and on premises transcoders / encoders that read from stream and le, or provide stream outputs or growing les.

Für weitere Details oder zur Vereinbarung eines Demo-Termins kontaktieren Sie uns bitte telefonisch unter: 069-4699650 oder per E-Mail