Space SSD

GB Labs has created the worlds fastest SSD based shared storage system. The NEW Space SSD has 32 threaded cores of processing power, making its engine faster than even Ultra SSD. Cost effective expansion allows you to add performance and capacity one unit at a time. Disk performance starts at 3000MB/sec, add an SSD EX (24 disk) and Raid card for 6000/MB/sec and again for 9000MB/sec.

Unit expansion is simple and can be carried out dynamically with data in place, just connect the Space SSD EX (24 disk) chassis with a SAS cable and add the additional capacity to your storage.

Unlike SAN you can grow large single volumes and share to the whole network without slow down. Space SSD EX (24 disk) is available in up to 92TB blocks and allows your Space SSD to grow up to 1.4PB of ultra fast online storage. GB Labs expansion is easy and allows your storage to grow with your future needs.